Sunday, September 16, 2007

Art in Nature

I went out for a of my favorite things to do in the down...wind in my hair...

As usual, I was amazed and completely blown away by the beauty of our "neighborhood". The textures, colors and shapes create the most phenomenal sculptures imaginable.

Red rocks thrusting out of the green hillsides. Blue skies for backdrops. It is so beautiful as to not to be believed. Yet, it is real. I am humbled by the art I see in "everyday things"...

It is good to get out and remind oneself that the world is more than just the studio. Or the office. Or whatever place we find ourselves in most of the day!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Stepping Out

Every month most of the galleries and other businesses downtown stay open so that patrons can view the fantastic art there.

Actually, this is a tradition held by several towns in our area. The only unfortunate thing is that not only does one have to choose which galleries to go to, it is also necessary to choose which town's event you will attend, because for whatever reason, several of the events happen on the same night, and it is just not humanly possible to get to every place.

While by my nature, I am inclined to stay at home, I love going out and seeing what other artists are doing. It helps me grow. I get to see something from someone else's perspective. It doesn't matter the medium, I can gather information from all of them. Sometimes, I see something that helps me with a challenge I am currently facing. Other times I get to appreciate how someone else sees the world in such a completely different way. I have the opportunity to drink in the energy and skill of so many artists every month. What a blessing that is.

Some times the thought of having to choose where I am going to go is too much and I feel I should just stay home. This is when I have to push myself just to take the first step.

Thanks to the businesses who stay open these nights, for helping me to step out of my comfort zone.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Never Assume...

A lady said something to me the other day that I quietly took offense to. It doesn't really matter what she said. What is relevant is that I chose to let it bother me.

Frankly, my ego was bruised. I tried to not let it show, but it irked me that this woman assumed something about me, and my art, without even knowing anything about me other than I sculpt stone.

You know what they say about assuming...well I was pretty sure she was an a....nnoying judgmental jerk. And of course, that I was innocent, misunderstood and unappreciated.

I chose to believe that, and I chose to let it alter my a less than positive way.

Wow. Assuming can really be bad.

Know what I realized this morning?...maybe you are ahead of me here...I have no idea if she was judging me, or making an assumption about me! She made a comment that I chose to ASSUME was an assumption. So who is the a....nnoying judgmental jerk. That would be, moi.

Once I figured this out, it no longer mattered to me what she said. It might be true. Or not. Maybe if she knew more about me and/or my work she wouldn't have said it...or maybe she would have. Maybe it was a comment about her and her work and not about me really after all. (Gosh, you mean the world doesn't revolve around me?)

I allowed my emotions to be controlled by an imagined slight! I am freed by the knowledge that it is not relevant what she said, or even what she meant by what she said! I can choose to be pissed off or hurt, or I can choose to move forward, quite happily, with my life and my work, in my own way, at my own pace. I have decided to choose the latter!

Oh, and don't get me started on presuming versus assuming!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

To Messy Creations

I went to a wonderful artist's reception last night. A sculptor I know just opened a studio. It is an incredible space. And last night it was incredibly clean. That was one way we knew it was brand spanking new! A working studio is not a clean studio--creating can be a messy process.

This sculptor has created a wonderful space for painters, photographers, ceramicists and sculptors to create their art. The energy in the space was not just the people there to congratulate him--the space itself had great energy. You knew it was a labor of love. It showed.

Many, many artists were there. And there were friends and family from all walks of life. And the neighbors. Everyone turned out to wish this man well.

It was a fun evening. Lots of talk about art, life, philosophy. There was music and dancing, especially by the children.

Ron--congratulations on your new space, best wishes for much success, you definitely deserve it! And may your studio see many, many happy and messy days ahead.

Friday, September 7, 2007

To Touch or Not To Touch

Some artists don't want you to touch their work. Oils in skin can damage some works. So, before touching, it is best, and certainly polite, to ask first. And please, don't let your jewelry touch the works. Many sculptures can withstand the gentle touch of skin but can be damaged by even fingernails, much less rings and bangles.

Typically, sculptures love to be touched. Now in a museum if everyone touched the sculptures they would be damaged. Perhaps it is possible to love something too much!

Have you seen some of the "good luck" spots on public pieces? The continuous rubbing by masses changes the color of the piece and can actually wear down the material.

That said, I love going into a gallery where they encourage you to touch the sculptures. Some have special displays for just that purpose. Many were originally started as displays for the visually impaired, with a variety of textures and materials.

When wondering, "can I touch this sculpture or not?", just like crossing the street, the first thing to do is to look. Look at the sculpture. Caress it with your eyes. Is it really asking you to touch it? How does the piece want you to touch it--loving, gentle pats, or big bear-hugs? Then look around the sculpture. Are there signs that either encourage or discourage one from touching? If there are no signs, is the artist or owner present? With permission, touch away! And don't be shy about it--if the piece is calling to you for a hug then, by golly, give it a hug!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Other Activities of a Sculptor

Today I worked on photos from the Sculpture Invitational.

Cropping photos, adding backgrounds, it all takes longer than I think it should. A friend took this photo of me at the show. I have been able to modify parts of it to use for my website (which is still a work in progress.)

Not only do we have to have photos for websites, but we also use them for print. Whether it is our business card or promotional information or press releases, there is always a need for photos. And they all require different formats. That can keep a sculptor busy outside the studio!