Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wildlife Art Exhibition Includes Local Sculptor

The Wildlife Experience natural history and wildlife art museum which is in Parker, Colorado opened their fall exhibit "Colorado Gold" on Aug 15.

The exhibition runs through Nov 15 and features 35 Colorado artists and 53 pieces of art.

The works are all nature-related and in a variety of media.

One of the artists exhibiting is Loveland sculptor Kent Ullberg, whom I've written about before.

To see the exhibition go to The Wildlife Experience, located at 10035 S. Peoria St, just one mile east of I-25. To learn more about the museum or the exhibition, call 720-488-3300 or visit their website.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moss Landing Galleria Dos

I am in California visiting my mom and we drove to Moss Landing yesterday...I wanted to see the ocean--living in Colorado I don't have the opportunity to do that too often.

We had lunch at a fantastic restaurant on the slough...ate fresh seafood while watching the otters

Then we walked "downtown" and went into an antique shop which had some wonderful pieces...there was a French African chest from the 1940s with exquisite carving all over...a variety of carousel horses, not restored, including a pair of miniatures from Mexico that were completely unfamiliar to me.

Next I saw a gallery and went in. Galleria Dos is what she called it...they had just had an opening reception and so when I went in they were vacuuming the carpets...

This gallery is a collective of local artists. Sometimes that sort of gallery is a collective of not so great stuff. I am pleased to say that there were some really nice pieces here. Not enough sculpture for my tastes (but then I am a bit--!--biased on that point) but there was a good variety of images and styles. Appropriate for a small town gallery wanting to appeal to a broad cross-section of visitors.

There were some wonderful paintings I was admiring...I was surprised when I saw they were actually giclees. I used to do color approvals for giclees, so I know how difficult it can be to get a good giclee and represent the textural aspect of paintings. These were very well done. I pointed out some of the pieces to my mom and she looked and said, "I know him!" Turns out she had taken a workshop from Michael Linstrom many years ago.

There were also some marvelous photographs by Craig Lovell. Really rich saturated colors, great detail, interesting compositions.

I love how different artists see things...we each have our own vision and interpretation of life and sometimes when another artist shows us how they see something it can truly transform our own vision. That is one of the best gifts artists have to offer the world. A good artist changes us--perhaps in a small way, perhaps in a grand way--but our perception of the world is never quite the same when we have truly experienced art.

Thanks Moss Landing for a great day and some new insights!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Art: More or Less

How do you gauge success at an art show? Is it more attendance? More participating artists? More pieces sold? More dollars in sales?

I was at two big sculpture shows this weekend. In my non-scientific observation I would say there were fewer artists participating and fewer patrons.

However I did see significant numbers of items being wrapped and carried out.

In today's paper there was a preliminary statement that said they believed more pieces sold this year than in years' past. More pieces, but the average price per piece was less. So a bigger number of pieces but less total dollar revenue.

This might be ideal for the show's organizers, but what about for everyone else?

I think this can be viewed as good news...more people got to appreciate and purchase more pieces from more artists. More pieces were shipped. The wealth was spread around.

In the past, many artists thought they had to go bigger and bigger in order to get the big sale. This year, those that did the best had smaller pieces that were affordable by more buyers.

Perhaps the successful artist was "reading" the market and bringing smaller works. Or perhaps he or she was just doing what felt right. Or perhaps it was different artists who sold.

You can decide that your work is best represented large...and know that you will have fewer sales but each will be a bigger dollar amount (and I know of several very large pieces that sold)...or you can decide that your work is best represented smaller...or perhaps you have a combination of both.

I believe that art is something that comes from our hearts and souls and speaks to the heart and soul of the buyer. Rather than changing your vision, think about how you can make your work be accessible to the buyer...maybe you have a smaller version available or maybe you can offer a payment plan for larger pieces.

The big lesson here is that you can sell art in any market. You have to believe that it is possible.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Exceptional Day at Sculpture Invitational

Yesterday I spent an incredible day at the Sculpture Invitational here in Loveland, Colorado. We are so fortunate to live in a community that is so supportive of the arts...and to have not just one, but TWO huge sculpture shows every summer.

I noticed a lot of new exhibitors this year. It was fun to see the quality of the new work and to also catch up with some returning about what they have been up to, new works they have created, shows they are participating in, successes they've been having, and new grandkids arriving!

Met one lady who is 90 years old. She says this is her last show. She'll keep sculpting, but says she is "tired" of the shows...I asked when she started sculpting and she said when she was a little girl. She used to carve corn cobs!

Ran into several past favorites with really wonderful additions. Ann Fleming has added some bas reliefs to her collection. Very nice. Phillip Feaster finished a piece he was working on last year and added another called "Kelp Dance"...I swear I was in the kelp forest off Monterey when I looked at that one. Victor Issa finished "The Power of Thought" and it is magnificent.

Had some great conversations about stones, carving and special techniques...John Christensen, Marv Poulson, Jeff Schaezle and so many more!

Met some cool woodworkers...making me think about giving that a try! Thanks for all the info William Ooms, Lew Hammer (don't you just love that name for a sculptor!), Michael Bauermeister (another great name for a guy working in wood!)

One 1st timer that I was especially impressed with is Lisa Arquette. She combines wood, metal (bronze, polished pewter), and glass. She does it all herself. Lots of symbolism behind her work. Very powerful.

Another 1st time exhibitor was David Mallin...very sensual the play of the shadows.

Saw old friends with wonderful new pieces...Greg Todd, Lori Acott-Fowler, Jeff Schaezle, Sam Terakedis, Monty Taylor...

Also ran into friends not exhibiting...Stalin Tafura (congrats on your recent sale & award in the Sculptural Pursuit competition!), Collen Nyanhongo (very interesting conversation on the challenges in moving a permanent installation in Ft Collins), Kathryn Schroeder (Chapungu Gallery) ...

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic show. It was great to see you all and to hear how well you are doing!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sculpture Invitational Starts Today

In a few hours I will be surrounded by sculpture--my version of mini Heaven.

Several hundred sculptors will be exhibiting. Styles range from very traditional, realistic works to contemporary/modern, with every stop along the way!

There is something that everyone will love. Pieces come large and small, in all subject matters--horses (there are a lot of horses), wildlife, people, whimsy, abstracts.

And the price tags vary, too. You can find some real art deals at the show...whether you are in the market for a piece for your home or office...this is a fantastic place to acquire a sculpture.

Even if you aren't in a position to buy, this is a wonderful opportunity to see a lot of variety and to learn more about art.

One of the best things about the sculpture show is the availability of the artists! They are all there, so you can meet the sculptor who created the piece you fell in love with and ask all sorts of questions. This is an opportunity that you just don't have when you buy through a gallery.

Most artists enjoy talking about their work and love to have people ask questions. So ask away...whether you are a novice or avid collector this is your opportunity to get inside the artist's head for a little while.

Today the Sculpture Invitational is open from 10-3. Admission (today) is $3. Both the Sculpture Invitational and Sculpture in the Park shows are open Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 9:30-4:30. Admission on Sat & Sun is $5 per show.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Body Parts Driving Up the Highway

WOW! It is that time of year already!

I saw a trailer hauling sculpture up the highway the other odd image of body parts tethered into a trailer. Hmmm...I think they were for the sculpture shows...but then again???

Anyway, I am excited to see so many great artists and fantastic creations. While I had intended to exhibit this year, it was not meant to be. The good news is that means I will be able to really see the show!

If you have never been, you MUST get to Loveland, Colorado this weekend!

For more information on Sculpture in the Park:

For more details about the Sculpture Invitational

Both happen this weekend, so if you are coming from out of town, grab a room for the night and plan on two full days.

You can also have a free tour of the Chapungu Sculpture Park on Friday night or Saturday morning!
ROY GUTHRIE will conduct special FREE tours in the Chapungu Sculpture Park on the following days:
Chapungu Sculpture Park Address:
The Promenade Shops at Centerra
Sky Pond Drive
Loveland, Colorado 80538
Tel: 970 461 8020
Enjoy all the opportunities for meeting artists and seeing their work!