Thursday, February 3, 2011

Loveland Sculptors Heading to Japan for Competition

Fresh on the heels of the 2011 Budweiser Snow Sculpting Competition in Breckenridge this last week, the team from Loveland, Colorado is heading to Japan for more of the cold stuff.

The 11th annual Japan Cup International Snow Sculpting Competition is held in Nayoro, Japan. The Loveland sculptors will be representing not just Loveland, nor even just Colorado, they are representing the United Sates in this competition.

12 countries are represented in this competition after being selected from the sketches they previously submitted. All teams are scheduled to arrive on Monday, Feb. 7.

The blocks of snow are a bit smaller than Breckenridge--starting at 3 meters cubed (about 10 feet) but, like Breckenridge, the area is known for it's fine quality snow that allows for intricate works of art as a result.

Team USA's design will include a rock foundation transforming into water and fabric. Two figures will also be prominent in the piece.

The team members include Loveland artists Stefan Kleinschuster, Sheldon James and Jack Kreutzer.

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