Friday, February 25, 2011

New Sculpture by Loveland Sculptor Ellen Woodbury

Loveland sculptor Ellen Woodbury has created a new masterful piece, Master of Disguise.

You can meet Ellen and see her work at the Sculpture in the Park event every summer here in Loveland. A talented artist in many media, Ellen is a former animator with Disney. She has applied the powers of observation and detail required to create film characters successfully to stone creating a myriad of wonderful creatures.

This latest piece work is a depiction of a Cuttlefish, created as a commission. It is a lovely work in Rosso Verona Marble. By changing the degree of polish in various parts of the work she is able to achieve a wonderful contrast and variation in hue that emulate the Cuttlefish's chameleon like abilities.

Ellen turned to stone just a few years ago and her success is a testament to her dedication and talent. I met Ellen while taking a workshop with Collen Nyanhongo, a stone sculptor from Zimbabwe. Since then Ellen has been to the Marble Marble symposium numerous times and has been a participant at the prestigious show in Benson Sculpture Park since she first applied--which is a rare feat!

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